Treasure farmers.
Only the best berries for your market.
Treasure farmers.
Only the best berries for your market.
Treasure farmers.
Only the best berries for your market.
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Mexico Fields

The healthiest and tastiest berries from quality farms. Berries are our passion and speciality.

We market them all year round thanks to a global network of partner farmers who guarantee quality and quantity regularity – a value that makes it possible for us to offer our customers long-term planning. 

Our berries arrives by air and by sea from Mexico fields.

Our certified and dependable farmers harvest and package fruit right in the orchard without ever interrupting the cold chain until the harvest has terminated.
Otherwise, fruit is packaged at the warehouses in Mexico regions, both of which possess the certification needed to process fruit pursuant to International Regulations.

Tropical fruit and asparagus complete our range of selected products of the highest quality.

Mangoes, Avocados and Limes grown by our farmers in Mexico and Peru, as well as our white and green asparagus from Peru and Mexico transported both by sea and by air grant the product continuity and the quality.



Our raspberry is an unique fruit of the hightest quality. Available conventional or organic.


High quality blueberries (conventional or organic). Jumbo blueberries also available.


High quality blackberries with a truly sweet flavour. Available conventional or organic.


Our strawberries, with their conical shape and their shiny. Available conventional or organic.

tropical fruit


Mangoes and Avocados and Limes grown by our farmers in South America.


Green and white asparagus from Mexico and Peru. Safety, traceability and quality control.


The trademark of freshness
directly from the farmers.

Our berries arrives directly from Varesco farmers so that both quality control, international certifications and product traceability are guaranteed. Varesco supports local communities and creates jobs while respecting the balance between man and nature. We encourage sustainable development, combining the right yield for the farmer while respecting the ecosystem.


Varesco VMF production areas are distributed in various regions of Mexico. Currently, we export our berries in Europe, the US, the Middle East, Asia, and  also we have a market in Mexico. We have been committed to guaranteeing prompt delivery to our customers. Our products are invariably monitored thanks to our close and ongoing relationships with our expert and dependable logistics partners located all over the world.

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