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Our raspberry is an unique fruit of the hightest quality. Juicy, fleshy with a sour-sweet taste, full of flavour. It’s pretty pink color and silken textures. In addition, our added value is a service that meets the needs of customers in every aspect such as logistics, volume and packaging.

Production Schedule

Our raspberries conventional & organic,
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Available Packaging

Conventional / Organic

Our available packaging formats:

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Production Phases

The young plants are transferred to pots after having spent some time in cold storage to detain their growth. The plants are given an almost personalized treatment according to their needs.

Cultivation systems with cutting-edge technology. We monitor the entire development phase of the plant to ensure the quality of the fruit, also helping us with a special irrigation system.

We employ highly-qualified professionals in the harvesting and a computerized management system and we guarantee all international certifications.

During receiving, an operator is in charge of quality control through visual recognition so that in cases of anomalies and irregularities in a collected crop, he may give prompt notice to the operators in charge.

The fruit is subjected to cooling treatment thus allowing for ensure greater product security, a more comfortable handling of the product and a longer shelf-life.

A specific quality control is carried out, where possible defects of the fruit, weights, labeling etc. are checked to quickly detect possible errors.

We will then check the fruit to be placed in the baskets and carry out an additional check. Then we move on to labelling.

We work to give rigidity and firmness to the pallet in its subsequent transport and handlingo, to ensure safe and trouble-free delivery.

These palletized units are immediately carted into the cooler so that they are kept for approximately 8-10 hours at a temperature of 0 to 2° C, establishing enough cooling to start a cold chain to ensure good commercial conditions for their distribution and consumption.

Closed refrigerated trucks or containers are mandated for the distribution of the merchandise, and must be capable of maintaining a temperature of 1 to 2ºC for the entire route.

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