Tropical fruit


Whether you intend to cook it, eat it or simply use it for decoration, exotic fruit has now become a part of our homes. You can practically buy the flavours of distant lands right next door. Our tropical fruit arrives directly from the farmers so that both quality control and product traceability are guaranteed. Our experts make personal visits to farmers in their areas of production in order to establish a relationship based on mutual trust that guarantees product continuity and safety. They also help the farmers to correctly observe the regulations applied by worldwide markets. Mangoes, Avocados and Limes grown by our farmers in Mexico and Peru, transported both by sea and by air. Product continuity and quality is always guaranteed from any geographical area in the world. Fruit is meticulously supervised – from the harvest to packaging and marketing – by our team so that the trust our clients have placed in us is always maintained.
vmf avocado


Origin: Mexico (Jalisco, Michoacan, Morelos and Nayarit), Peru
Variety: Hass


all year


Very fresh mangoes of the highest quality

Origin: Mexico, Peru, Brazil


Origin: Mexico
Availability: June – August
Origin: Peru
Availability: November -January
Origin: Brazil
Availability: March -December

Tommy Atkins

Origin: Mexico Availability: April- May Origin: Brazil Availability: March – December


Origin: Brazil
Availability: March – December


Origin: Mexico
Availability: April – May


Origin: Mexico
Availability: May -August  

vmf lime

Persian Lime

Origin: Mexico (Colima, Veracruz, Nayarit, Chiapas) 


April – November

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